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Simple DIY Hacks to Try This Summer!

It’s summer and that means most of us are spending time outside with family and friends soaking up the sun or enjoying a sweet treat. But being outdoors can sometimes lead to sticky, messy and expensive situations, so here are a few pro-tips on how to DIY your way into a simpler summer!

If you’re like me, summer is the time for berry picking! And aside from leaving with a bushel of berries you also leave with your fingers stained berry color. And, no, it’s not that easy to get off with soap and water. So, try washing your hands with undiluted lemon juice then wait a few minutes and wash them again with warm soapy water. Look at that….clean fingers…at least until you go berry picking again.

Bowl of Lemons

If you manage to save some berries for later, try making one of these berry popsicles. Check out this delicious berries & cream recipe from Real Housemoms. And if you are over 21, these popsicles are delicious. Both require just a few ingredients and make for a refreshing, end of day treat. In order to keep your hands mess free, try cutting a slit at the bottom of a cupcake wrapper and sticking it on the base of the popsicle. It keeps that drippy, sticky mess off your fingers and probably a few t-shirts too! You can also use Dixie cups to stop the drips and keep the mess away.

Popsicles in cupcake holders

Shopping for a beach trip can get expensive, so make this DIY beach towel blanketwith a pillow. With just a few simple steps, everyone in the family can now have their own customized beach towel. Not only will everyone be comfortable laying out by the water, but this DIY has a built in handle for easy transportation.

Lots of time in the sun this summer can also mean sunburn for some of us. So, if you are looking for some relief, try putting some aloe vera gel into ice cube trays and freeze ’em. The cold will be really soothing on that nasty burn and the aloe vera gel is perfect for helping it to heal and prevent peeling. Freeze them ahead of time so you’ll have them when you need them most.

Aloe Vera being squeezed into an ice cube tray

Speaking of skincare, since summer is when most fruits are at their peak season, why not try using fresh fruit for a face mask or body scrub? Grapefruit can help reduce fine lines, battle breakouts and even boost your mood with its natural fragrance. Just pick up some grapefruits the next time you’re at the grocery store and try making one of these detox masks or body scrubs from Hello Glow.

Try these simple summer life hacks and enjoy every minute of the season.

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