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Building a Ramada in Your Backyard

Ramadas are a great way to add shade to a backyard

If you’re interested in building a ramada in your back yard, Pete Cure shows you how. With a home in the Arizona Biltmore as his backdrop, Pete will walk you through some easy and relatively inexpensive projects you can tackle in a weekend.

This backyard of an Arizona Biltmore home has some layout challenges, but with the right planning, any space can be put to good use. The space is narrow and the homeowner wants to give a more airy, open feeling. She also wants low maintenance and a shade area to relax.

One of the best ways to add shade to a backyard is with a Ramada. Pete walks you through the step-by-step of this DIY Ramada project. A quick trip to the hardware store for materials and tools, plus a phone call or two to some friends, will help get the job done.

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