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Enjoying the Holidays With your “Furry” Loved Ones

Sponsored By: Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads


We all love our pets and want to keep them safe.  But other than building  (and maintaining -ugh!) a fence, how can we keep our fur-babies from running into the street or getting lost when they are outside?  Invisible fence is here to help! Patricia and Ashley join Harry Bigley, the owner of Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads to get some solutions including how to keep your tempting holiday decorations safe from your fur babies



WIFI and a super savvy app make their Smart Fence a great solution for any pet owner.  Their system has a unique app that allows you to control and update your pet’s information and add new pets.  It even has a power source alert so you won’t be stuck with dead devices .  A dog trying to leave the perimeter or any equipment malfunction results in an immediate alert, so you won’t be caught off guard.


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That’s not all, Invisible Fence also offers indoor solutions.  Get rid of those cumbersome baby gates!  Keep the pets off of the furniture!  Stop sealing your garbage like Fort Knox!  You no longer have to “pet proof” your home.  With their Indoor Shields, Invisible Fence Solutions Brand can take care of all of that and more.



Did you know there is such a thing as an electronic pet door?  Have you heard of GPS Wireless Containment?  Yes, they are real, and Invisible Fence Brand has them.



To get more information on these or any of their cutting-edge solutions to your furry friends’ needs, make sure to contact them at (757) 595-5657, or check out their website www.invisiblefence.com


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