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You Never Know What Lies Beneath

Sponsored by Virginia 811

It’s summer summer summer time!! That means heat and humidity, which leads more people to want to put pools in their yards.

virginia 811

When someone is putting in a new pool, garden bed, tree, or any kind of other entity in their yard- they have to be sure to contact Virginia 811 first. 

Nikki Turpin

Nikki Turpin from Virginia 811 joins the crew in studio to help explain why Virginia 811 is so important! She also demonstrates why it is so important to know what lies beneath before you dig.

what lies beneath

Before you do any kind of digging in your yard, it is so important that you either call Virginia 811, or contact them via their website. This lets them know that you are going to dig, and that you need all of your public utilities marked.

know before you dig

While Nikki answers more questions about why it’s important to call before you dig- Patricia, Quincy and Ashley dig through tubs of dirt with random “surprises” throughout. This helps to demonstrate why it’s imperative to know what lies beneath before you start to dig up the ground!!

what lies beneath

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