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YMCA Basketball is a Slam Dunk!

Sponsored by YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas

Patricia got to visit the Victory Family YMCA in Yorktown, and she got to try her hand at a full-court press!


First, one of the kids in her class explained that she had to change her shoes- because you can’t play basketball in boots!! All of the children agreed that Patricia could play with them if she changed into her sneakers. 


After a quick wardrobe change, Patricia was ready to play. After participating in some drills, she figured it was time to learn some more about the program. 


Basketball coach Taron Petteway explains that they have two different basketball programs. The first is instructional basketball, for the beginners or anyone who wants to perfect their skills and work on their game! The second is the basketball league, where they compete YMCA vs YMCA. That league is from ages 3 up to age 11. 


For more information, visit their website at www.ymcavp.org

To follow the YMCA on Instagram, visit http://www.instagram.com/ymca_virginiapeninsulas

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