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Winterizing Your Lawn & Garden with Southern States

Sponsored by Southern States

Ashley got the chance to hang out at Southern States again, and this time she learned all about how to prepare your lawn and your garden for the colder months.

Southern States

Her friend Bob from Southern States told her that most people in the 757 have Fescue lawns, which go dormant in the winter months. It might not be common knowledge that during the fall you can prepare your lawn to be the best that it can be, the following Spring!


Putting a fall or winterizing fertilizer on your lawn in the fall will help it to be healthy when it comes time for Spring!

If you aren’t sure what exactly your lawn needs, Southern States has the perfect solution. Bring in about 2 cups of soil from your yard, and have them run a soil sample for you! This way, you know exactly what nutrients your soil is lacking and can correct them in time for the warmer weather’s return.


The most important thing this time of year, is the pH of your soil. That tells you exactly what you should do to your yard!

Southern States

Southern States has a wonderful collection of flowers that thrive throughout the colder months, as well as pet and livestock necessities, and even some decor!



Watch the full video to find out everything that Southern States has to offer.

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