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There is no shortage of love when it comes to the Living 757 family and our furry friends! But things can get quite sticky when it comes to being a dog owner if you come across someone who isn’t very responsible with their pet.


Attorney Zach Hutchinson from Huffman & Huffman sat down with Ashley to answer a slew of viewer questions that we received.

Question 1

The first viewer question was “if I was bitten by a dog that was running loose in my neighborhood, can I make an injury claim?”


The answer to that question is YES! After the bite occurs, make sure you find the dog’s owner and get either their homeowners insurance or their renters insurance information. Unlike in an automobile accident, the person in the dog bite scenario can not rely on their own insurance to pay their claims.

Question 2

The next viewer asked “my daughter was at a friends’ birthday party and was mauled by the family dog. This resulted in a hospital stay and medical bills. I know I have an injury claim, but I don’t want to sue my friend. What can I do?”


Zach says there is a huge difference between suing your friend and making a claim against their insurance policy. Go ahead and make the claim, and the insurance provider will take care of it.

Question 3

A third viewer wrote in asking “can I sue another dog owner if their dog injured my dog when we were at the dog park”?


The answer is yes, but the recovery will probably be minimal. This is because in the eyes of the law, pets are seen as property. So when you make that claim, you would recover compensation for medical treatment but nothing else.


For the rest of the Q&A session with Zach, be sure to watch the full video! And make sure to call Huffman & Huffman for all of your personal injury needs.

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