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What to Do If You’re Getting Flashed

Sponsored By: AAA of Tidewater, VA

How important are the headlights on your vehicle?  Our good friends at AAA Car Care Center are here to let us know!

Kyle Loftus, the manager at the AAA Car Care Center on Bridge Road in Suffolk, joined Quincy and Ashley to give us a “crash” (or how not to!) course on why it is so important to maintain your automobile’s headlight.

Most of us don’t even realize how dirty our cars’ headlights are.  A dirty lens can actually obstruct the vision candlepower of your headlights by 50 %.  Imagine driving during a stormy night with your eyes half closed.  Scary -right?

AAA Car Care Center

Keeping your headlights clean is a very important factor in safe night driving.  Luckily, the good folks at AAA can not only clean, but also protect your headlights and get them looking as good as new.

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Another thing to check with your headlights is the angle at which they are set.  Have you ever been blinded by someone driving toward you at night?  Chances are, they did not have their brights on.  What!?, you say?  Most likely, their headlights were set at an incorrect angle.

Fortunately, the angle of your headlights is one of the items checked during your annual safety inspection.  But…if you happen to notice people flashing their lights at you as you merrily make your way down the road at night, you might want to get your headlight angle checked.

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