Ashley got the chance to visit the Suffolk location of Skrimp Shack to learn all about the location, the team, and of course- THE FOOD!


Meet Nathan

Nathan Cichorz is the franchise owner, and he is no stranger to the restaurant business! His father owned a restaurant, so Nathan had the pleasure of growing up in the business. He also worked with his dad starting at the age of 13!

skrimp shack

He was presented with the chance to own a Skrimp Shack and decided that he needed to try the food before making any decisions. When Nathan tried the food he loved it, and decided this is what he wanted to do!


We Are Family!

It really is a family affair when it comes to Nathan and Skrimp Shack. His mom is his business partner! The pair bought two franchise locations together. His brother is also the Suffolk store manager.

skrimp shack

When people walk through the door, Nathan wants them to feel like they are welcome. He also wants them to feel like they are eating while on vacation!


Good Vibes

The vibe of the restaurant matches the vacation theme to a T! And this location even has some special menu items that you won’t find at every Skrimp Shack. Plus the family vibe is perfect!


To see how much Ashley indulged in the amazing food, be sure to catch the whole video!

Skrimp Shack has 25 locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina, and to find where all of them are you can visit their website at:


You can also connect with them on their Facebook page:

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