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Virginia Hoop League is the Premier Spot!

Sponsored by Virginia Hoop League

The Virginia Hoop League is the premier summer league in Hampton Roads. It consists of professional players, collegiate players and the best hoopers in the 757.


Its’ purpose is to allow the kids a place to continue their basketball careers. Whether a player is coming out of high school, playing in college, or trying to go pro or go overseas- the Virginia Hoop League provides a place for players to compete, so they don’t have “off time” during the off season.


The league provides individual player tapes, whole game footage, full statistics for players, and statistical averages all on their website.


This provides the league’s players with invaluable information when it comes to being picked up for the next season, and is one of the many reasons that the Virginia Hoop League is considered premier!


President and Coach Anthony Alexander is asked by Quincy if he thinks he had a shot at playing basketball at this level. You’re going to have to watch the full video to see if Coach thinks Q has what it takes!


For more information on The Virginia Hoop League, visit their website at https://vahoopleague.com/.

You can also connect with them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/vahoopleague/, and follow them on Instagram at https://www.facebook.com/vahoopleague/.

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