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Upgrading is Convenient with West Shore Home

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Over our lifetime, each of us will spend thousands of hours in the bath or shower! So why not make your bath or shower a place of happiness and relaxation? 

Living 757

Friend of the show Brian Keeler from West Shore Home joined Living 757 to tell us more about how they can help us get our dream bathrooms!

West Shore Home

Brian explains that they are different because everything that they do is designed to be both convenient and fast, as to not disrupt your lifestyle. 


In fact when talking about fast- 95% of West Shore Home’s bathroom remodels are done in ONE DAY!! That is in extreme contrast to the horror stories you hear about months long remodels. 


Brian said that some the most popular products West Shore Home is placing in bathrooms at the moment are the classic white shower, chrome fixtures, and their laser-etched walls and tiles. 

Classic White

The classic white tends to be popular because it really does match with everything!

West Shore Home

The process is fast and easy, and is built to work with your busy schedule. 

Watch the full video to find out about the promotions that West Shore Home is currently offering, including their Black Friday offer!

Living 757

For more information on West Shore Home and the products and services they offer visit https://www.westshorehome.com/

To contact them by phone: 757-349-1942

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