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Tidewater Community College Helps Low Income Students

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Are you trying to get ahead, but just can’t seem to make it work? It might be time for a new path.

Ever thought about a career in early childhood, public safety, IT, healthcare, skilled trades or other in-demand trades? There are many opportunities today just waiting for you.

You make think going to (or going back to) school sounds great, but wonder how you will afford it. Tidewater Community College has an option for you -the G3 Program!


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G3 is an exciting new initiative for Virginians! Essentially this is Virginia’s version of free community college for middle to low income students who are looking to have careers in certain areas. Whether you are a new student or someone who has lost their job due to Covid or other reasons, the G3 can help you, if you qualify financially.

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LEAP (Learning Explore Accelerate Persevere) is another great financial aid program available at Tidewater Community College. The LEAP program is for graduating seniors from 2021. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in transfer classes and get a head start on their education. Tuition is paid for up to 12 hours, books are paid for and a laptop is included.

So don’t let financial struggles keep you from starting a new life with a lucrative career. Call Tidewater Community College today!

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