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The Skrimp King Visits Living 757

Sponsored by Skrimp Shack

It’s time for another edition of Living 757’s FOOD TRUCK FIELD TRIPS! This time, our friends from Skrimp Shack have brought their mobile kitchen to our studios and Quincy got to join the Skrimp King, Chaz  Crenshaw himself, inside the truck!

food truck

As the truck is a fully functioning kitchen, The Skrimp King plans on showcasing some chicken, some fish, a Po Boy and of course- SKRIMP!


Chaz explains to Quincy that a Po Boy is a sandwich that originated in New Orleans. The experts at Skrimp Shack can build your Po Boy any way you like! With oysters, scallops, shrimp and even crab meat!


Seafood aficionados will love Skrimp Shack, because everything is made to order. Fresh and hot!

food truck

On the truck they prepared chicken tenders and French fries, a Po Boy complete with tail off skrimp, crab meat, and special sauce, and more!

fish sandwich

Watch the full segment to see if Quincy was able to do the rest of the interview without digging into that Po Boy!

You can also connect with them on their Facebook page:


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