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The Gift of Knowledge from Huffman & Huffman

Sponsored by Huffman & Huffman

The holidays are a time of constant business. The last thing any of us want to have on our minds, is how to protect ourselves and our loved ones in the instance that you were to get into a car accident.


If anyone does get into an accident this holiday season, our friend Brad Huffman from Huffman & Huffman: Brothers-In-Law has the following tips!:

Huffman & Huffman

  • Call the police so they can document the accident
  • Get insurance information from other driver
  • Take photos
  • Make a list of witnesses
  • Be seen by a doctor, even if you don’t feel like you’re hurt

Huffman & Huffman

To be proactive for the new year in 2023, Brad says to check your coverage and make sure you have great coverage under your policy.


If you do end up having to use your own policy in an accident where you were not at fault, it won’t effect your insurance rates.

In 2023, Huffman & Huffman will be celebrating their 50th anniversary! They have been a pillar of our community here in Hampton Roads for half of a century.


If you get into an accident make sure you call the Brothers-In-Law and let their family help your family.

Watch the full video to see the presents that Brad brought for the hosts!


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