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The 411 on Contributory Negligence in Virginia

It is pretty common knowledge that if you are involved in an accident that is NOT your fault, that the other person’s insurance company will pay for your injuries. But the truth is, that is not always the case. Litigation Attorney John Paulson from Huffman & Huffman joins Living 757 to help us understand this concept, called contributory negligence. 

contributory negligence

What is Contributory Negligence?

Virginia is one of only FOUR states in the whole country who subscribe to this law. It basically states that if you are even found 1% negligent, you are barred from any recovery. 


Even if you are driving down the road on a normal day, you go through a green light, and someone hits you- there is a chance that if you’re found even one percent at fault, that you would get nothing even towards your medical bills. 

Huffman & Huffman

Why is is helpful to have an attorney

Attorneys in Virginia like Huffman & Huffman see this kind of case on a very frequent basis- because insurance companies are looking for a way out of paying claims!

contributory negligence

There are a few things that a person can do to protect themselves from contributory negligence. The first way to protect yourself is to be a safe driver! Make sure you are not driving while distracted. The second way is to ensure that you speak to an attorney before you give any kind of statement.

huffman & huffman

Ideally, you have an attorney before making calls to any insurance companies. This way your attorney can be on the phone with you during those calls. 

Watch the full video!

Watch the full video to see Attorney Paulson give the ladies of Living 757 several scenarios where contributory negligence may or may not be involved. See if you can guess the correct answers! 

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