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Summer Safety with Huffman & Huffman

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Summertime is here and is in full swing!! But that means that while the kids are home and have more free time, parents and other caretakers have to be sure they are knowledgable about summer safety tips!


Attorney Katey Green from Huffman and Huffman joined the ladies of Living 757 to help ensure that we have an enjoyable and safe summer break!


First up she told us that along with summer comes more kids on bikes, skateboards, and other “road toys.” Parents, always remember to wear a helmet and to ensure that your kids wear them too! Making sure the helmet fits properly is also integral to it working as well as it can.


Also be sure to always supervise young kids on bicycles and the like, and make sure that they are riding with traffic.

When it comes to water, it’s no secret that water play is one of our favorite pastimes here in Hampton Roads. Unfortunately, drowning is a silent killer- and it is also the number one cause of death amongst young children.


Parents and caregivers can not take their attention off of the kids for even a split second! Always be aware and alert when it comes to water play.

For more summer safety tips and to see some fun Q&A, watch the full video!


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