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Staying positive and bringing good vibes…

Episode 212 : Sponsored

Welcome back to 

This week we continue to practice our s o c i a l  d i s t a n c i n g while showing you how local businesses are contributing to our community in these uncertain times.

We have all of the good feels you need to put your anxiety on pause for an hour and focus on the helpers in Hampton Roads.

We start the show today a little differently than normal. you’ll notice that we have a very raw and very real feel to the show… We minimized our crew in accordance with the legislation stating ‘no more than 10 people per gathering’. As a result, we jump right into the show to provide you a recap of the recent changes in our area, as well as our thoughts and feelings during this time.

Next, our hosts take you on a ride along as they check out Jose Tequila on General Booth Boulevard and Bay Local in Virginia Beach. These are two of many restaurants open for curbside and delivery in Hampton Roads! Check out our Facebook page to see some of the other spots we have been visiting across the 757!

Next, we take you to Riverside Orthopedics. Check out the work that these fantastic surgeons are performing to restore their patients’ mobility. If you are struggling with arthritis or other mobility/pain issues, be sure to check out the professionals at Riverside to see what relief can be offered to you.

We then introduce you to a military vet and comedian, Team Fred! Check out how he is bringing comedy to you during this time of quarantine, while raising money for the Virginia Food Bank! If you are looking for a way to spend your Friday evening at home, while supporting a good cause, then be sure to tune in to this comedy show! Our very own Quincy Carr will also be featured, and who can pass up the opportunity to laugh at him?!

Patricia then takes us to meet the folks over at AC Masters. Servicing Hampton Roads and the Peninsula since 1999, AC Masters puts customers and their quality of service above all else. Find out what else sets this HVAC team apart, how frequently they recommend you service your system and how they remain a step above the rest!

Ashley of The Farm Life drops by the show to discuss how her company is operating during quarantine, while still offering products to promote natural immunity boosts! Tune in to see how they grow some of their own produce and create their own products, as well as where you can pick up your own products locally!

For Kids is building a new shelter and education center in South Norfolk to aid in family homelessness! Check out the video from their recent event where Cox Charities donated $250,000 to the foundation while the families marked the occasion by signing the beam to the building! This new establishment is sure to set the groundwork for success for families for generations to come.

Before we send you off with a song from singer and songwriter Cody Browning, we want to remind you to send us your pics and videos of how you are living the quarantine life to Share@Living757.com for the chance to be featured on the show!

Stay safe Hampton Roads, and remember that we will get through this together.