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We love a good comeback story here at Living 757, and Jaqueline Hale is no exception.


After the birth of her second son in 2010 Jaqueline found herself one hundred pounds overweight!

Since she has always been an athlete, she figured getting back into a gym routine would get her to where she wanted to be in regards to her health.


Only a workout regiment alone did not get her to where she wanted to be when it came to her healthy fitness goals. That is when Jacki realized that she needed to add the nutrition piece to the puzzle!


Jacqueline developed a set of fairly simple rules that she sticks to when it comes to her food consumption.


Her number one rule of thumb is to ALWAYS read the nutrition labels so you understand what you are putting into your body! This will help keep unnecessary (and unwanted!) sugars and carbohydrates away from your plate, and keep you healthy!


For the rest of Jacki’s tips, be sure to watch the entire video.

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