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Spread the Word and Get Screened!

Sponsored by Riverside Health Systems

Did you know that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death among men in America? 1 in 41 American men will be lost to this disease every year. Fortunately, although very serious, most men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer do not die from it.

September is Prostate Cancer awareness month.  We went to Riverside Health Systems to find out what we can do to screen for and to treat this type of cancer. Dr Timothy Powell, a urologist at Riverside Health System was kind enough to share some vital information with us.

Dr Powell explains that men should be screened between the ages of 55 and 70, but many don’t. Quite often, this cancer can be present without ever causing any pain or discomfort.  That why is often undetected for so long.  This asymptomatic cancer can develop and continue to grow without you ever knowing, making screening very important, especially if you are at high risk.

What makes Riverside Health Systems such a great choice is that they offer a holistic approach which is individualized to each patient. Their robotic surgery option means that open surgery may not be your only choice. The good news is that through treatment, most men diagnosed with prostate cancer will either find a cure, or a management plan which will allow them to go on and live long, healthy lives.

Please don’t wait until it is too late, get your screening now and protect your health.          For more information, contact Riverside Health Systems at www.riversideonline.com