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Sink or Swim? Can Quincy Qualify as a Lifeguard?!

Sponsored by the YMCA of South Hampton Roads

Quincy visited the Princess Anne Family YMCA, and this time he was being put to the test.. the lifeguard test, that is!


He meets Vicki Coleman, who is the Director of Aquatic Quality and Standards, for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. She informs Q that they are looking to hire 200 lifeguards and 85 swim instructors!


No experience necessary, as they are willing to train you. They will al work on your swimming skills with you before you get started.


Being a part of the staff at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads is a great experience. The staff is super diverse. Teenagers, home-schoolers, retirees, teachers, and MORE help to make up their team!


But what would it take for Quincy to become a lifeguard? The Y’s swim test consists of three phases. Phase one is treading water, phase two is swimming laps and doing different strokes, and phase three is a series of tasks like grabbing items from the bottom of the pool, and scanning the pool for out of place items.


Be sure to watch the full video to see how Quincy ended up doing on his lifeguard test, and also to find out more information about all of the aquatics programs at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads.

aquatics program

For more information, check out the YMCA of South Hampton Roads website at: www.ymcashr.org

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