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See-Through Bathrooms….Yea or Nay?

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‘Tis the season for all things spooky! Quincy and Ashley share their thoughts with us on all that is scary, from haunted houses and crazy costumes, to transparent toilets.  Yes, you read that right, transparent toilets. Not just any transparent toilets (are there really more than one kind?), but PUBLIC transparent toilets.  Now that’s scary!

Ann Faire from Yelp Coastal Virginia joins the hosts to talk about Yelps’s local Adventure Challenge.  You can join the challenge and have 30 different ways to explore your area while participating. Whether you are a foodie a shop-a-holic or a civil war buff, this is a great challenge for you.Looking for romance, but don’t have the time (or the energy) to figure it all out?  Let the VB Picnic Co take care of it for you.  They will set you up with a beautifully arranged picnic in the location of your choice, and an amazing charcuterie platter.  Surprise your date with this gorgeous experience, it’s sure to make a great impression.

Next, we welcome Asa Jackson from the Contemporary Arts Network.  Asa discusses the way this new, dynamic organization supports emerging, independent artists.  Then, he tests the “not so mad” art skills of Ashley and Quincy in a friendly drawing competition.  Who will be the winner? Watch and see!


Covid 19 has changed our lives in many ways including much more time at home.  Tamra Lenz visits the show to show us how organizing your home can help remove some of the stress this pandemic has brought.  Whether it is your kitchen or home office, Closet Factory has great options to help you out.

Quincy and Ashley aren’t done competing!  If their drawing skills did not impress you, maybe their intuitive powers will!  Patrick Williams comes to the show to talk about his next event, and then “emcee” Ashley and Quincy’s next competition.

And if those laughs weren’t enough, we leave you with a “feel good” music video, My Medicine, written by Hatton Jordan, and performed by Santiago Saenz.

Enjoy the show!