What’s new in the world of make-up?  Why stamp on eyebrows of course.  Wait…what?  Mindy Ess, shares her review of this simple way to change your look.  Will stamp on eyebrows be the latest, greatest trend?  Or will that stamp become a boat shaped art tool for your toddler?  Mindy gives her hysterical point of view.  Watch and Laugh!!

Mindy Ess is a stand up comedian, improvisor, writer, and host. She can be seen at comedy clubs such as Funny Bone and The Comedy Loft, and has performed in venues such as The Norva in Norfolk, and The National in Richmond. She has recently started a Youtube channel all about being a babe on a budget.

When she is not doing comedy, Mindy is a beach lover, diy queen, thrift store huntress, and fashion enthusiast. She is mom to two very small, very loved dogs, and currently resides in Virginia Beach.

You can follow her on all social media at @MindyEss.