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Seatbelts Save Lives!

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (better known as the DMV) works tirelessly to come up with programs that will save lives on our roads. One thing that is always the focal point of concern, is people not wearing their seatbelts.


John Saunders, the Director of the DMV’s Highway Safety Office joins the ladies of Living 757 to discuss the importance of their Occupant Protection Campaign.

John said that people are losing their lives on Virginia roadways at too high of a rate. As of our taping date in late April, there had been 231 fatalities on our roads- 95 of which were individuals not wearing their seatbelts.


Just wearing your seatbelt won’t protect you- you have to wear it correctly. This means: no seatbelt behind you, no putting it underneath your arm. Wear your seatbelt and also ensure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing their as well!


Every 4.3 crash, there is a crash in Virginia. 2.8 people per day lose their lives in a motor vehicle in Virginia. 163 people are injured per day in motor vehicle crashes. 1 driver out of every 273 licensed drivers will be in a crash.


Never forget to put on your seat belt, it could save your life!

To find out more, check out the DMV website: www.dmv.virginia.gov.


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