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Seatbelts Are Serious Business!!

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Sometimes public service announcement type commercials can make people really uncomfortable. But when someone is uncomfortable, that means that they are paying attention.


Our friends at the DMV want to try and make sure that you and your family don’t end up a statistic, or part of one of these PSA’s. John Saunders from the DMV joined Living 757 to talk to Patricia about the importance of seatbelts.


In Virginia last year, there were a total of 1,005 deaths on our roadways. 375 of those fatalities were people who were not wearing their seatbelts.


John and the entire Department of Motor Vehicles family are pushing their media campaign for “click it or ticket”! If it wasn’t clear, this means wear your seatbelt or risk getting a ticket.


Wearing your seatbelt is the easiest and most simple way to protect yourself when you are behind the wheel or riding in a vehicle. It takes one second to fasten your seatbelt, and that second could save your life if you are involved in a car accident.


People find lots of excuses for not wearing their seatbelts, but the decision to not put one on could cost you your life.

To hear more from Mr. Saunders, be sure to watch the video in its’ entirety.

For more information about the DMV and their safety programs, be sure to visit their website: www.dmv.virginia.gov

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