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Safe Driving is Something We Can All Live With

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV has the number one goal of having ZERO deaths on our roadways. Until that happens, they will continue to work to promote safe driving!

safe driving

Friend of the show John Saunders from the Virginia Department of Motor vehicles had a chat with Quincy about why safe driving is so important.


The DMV has produced several videos that are comedic in nature, hoping to get people to pay attention to their message.

safe driving

There are four main areas people can focus on when it comes to safe driving:

  1. Buckle up
  2. Obey the speed limit
  3. Do not drive while impaired
  4. Do not text and drive (and avoid other distractions while driving too)

The main demographic that the DMV is hoping to reach are males, aged 18-34. This is because the majority of the fatalities on our roadways occur in that group.


According to their focus group, comedy proved to be more affective than scare tactics and things of the like are not hitting home within that demographic.

safe driving

It is imperative that when people are behind the wheel, their focus should be solely on safe driving. Your life or someone else’s life could depend on it!

For more information, visit the DMV’s website: www.dmv.virginia.gov

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