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Riverside’s Patriots Colony

Sponsored by Riverside Health System

It’s one of those parts of life that everyone dreads: the day when we have to make the decision to get our parents into some kind of assisted living facility. 

patriots colony

That decision is made way easier by places like Riverside’s Patriots Colony, an amazing retirement community. 

Patriot’s Colony isn’t an ordinary retirement community! It has a wide range of activities to partake in- on the independent living side, and on the healthcare side. 


Residents are part of a community where they can enjoy bocce ball, tennis, and more! One activity which the residents really love, is gardening. 

patriots colony

Residents find gardening therapeutic, and love growing their own flowers, fruits and vegetables. 

Something off the beaten path that they offer? How about wood working! 

patriots colony

All of the residents in the independent living side are former or retired military officers, or former or retired government employees. That makes for a really tight knit group of people living at Patriots Colony! 

retirement community

If you, someone you know, or a family member are looking for a fantastic place to call home- make sure you check out Riverside’s Patriots Colony. 


For more information about Patriots Colony, visit their website:


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