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Riverside’s New Psychiatric Emergency Department

Sponsored by Riverside Health System

Riverside is putting in a brand new addition to their Behavioral Health Center in Hampton, Virginia. They are adding a Psychiatric Emergency Department!


This Psychiatric Emergency Department is going to be staffed by both medical professionals and protection officers 24/7. It will be open to patients around the clock- just like a traditional emergency room.


Safety was one of the biggest things taken into consideration when it came to the Psychiatric ED. Metal detectors at the doors for entry will ensure that personal belongings do not make it back to the treatment area.


One of the unique features at the Riverside Behavioral Health Center is their sally port. A sally port is a secure entrance into a building. In this case, police or ambulance would pull into a garage-type area, and have a secure area to drop off the patient.

Once inside, the patient is met by a patient access representative, or a member of RBHC’s security team.


The new addition of the Psychiatric Emergency Department is connected to the pre-existing in-patient treatment building . The new part is specifically for anyone having a psychiatric crisis, or possibly a substance use concern.


Riverside is the first in the region to have a facility like this, that is designed to treat psychiatric emergencies.

This facility is a huge step forward in mental healthcare, but the good news doesn’t stop there! It also provides lots of great job openings for anyone looking to find a career with a fantastic company like Riverside.


For more information, please check out Riverside Behavioral Health Center’s website: https://www.riversideonline.com/medical-services/behavioral-health

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