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Replace Your Floors Without Leaving the House

Sponsored By: 50 Floor

If there is one positive thing about this crazy pandemic, it’s that shopping has gotten so much easier. 

We can grab our phones and order up anything from clothing, to groceries, and have them delivered to our door. But home renovations? 

Can you seriously order a new floor -while sitting on your comfy couch- and have it “delivered”?  With 50 Floor, the answer is “YES!”


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No more bringing samples home to “check” if  they match, then making multiple trips back and forth to the store if they don’t. 

With their mobile showroom, they bring all of the samples to you. 

Could it be any easier?  With 50 Floor the answer is “YES!”

You don’t have to spend hours calling friends to help you move your furniture, or even worse, hurting you back doing it by yourself. 

There is no prep!  Not only do they bring you the showroom, they will move your furniture, remove the old flooring and install and finish the new flooring and clean up after themselves. 

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Could this get any better?  With 50 Floor, the answer is “YES!”

How could it possibly get any better?  Well, here’s how.  Most ( depending on the magnitude) of their projects, can be completed in one day. 

Yes, one day.

50 Floor also offers specials, such as free installation on laminate, hardwood, vinyl and carpet through March 31st 2021, Sound too good to be true? 

We have an added bonus.  Mention that you heard about them from Living 757 and you will get an additional $100 discount!

So, sit back relax, order up that cheesy pizza you’ve been craving, AND your new floor.

For More Information:

877-50-Floor (503-5667)


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