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Quincy Tries His Hand in the Skrimp Truck!

Sponsored by Skrimp Shack

Quincy headed to 1700 Brewing to meet up with our friends from Skrimp Shack. This time, he is taking on the job of working in their food truck!


He learned how to cook and plate Skrimp tacos, plate brownies, and he even got to interact with some customers! Skrimp Shack is different than other food places, because everything they serve is made to order.


That means that all of their food is breaded, fried, finished and handed straight to you when it’s ready.

Not only is the food super fresh, the portion sizes are giant! The expectation is that everyone who eats there, should leave with leftovers for later.


Great food goes hand in hand with delectable drinks. 1700 Brewing is owned by five veterans, who were friends before they decided to open the business.


For Skrimp Shack, partnering with a brewery makes perfect sense because it’s a fun and casual place for friends and families to hang out! It’s a very symbiotic relationship, as the food truck also brings its own following to the brewery. A match made in heaven!


For more information, be sure to check out Skrimp Shack’s website: https://www.skrimpshackonline.com/

You can also connect with them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/skrimpshack/

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