car care

Road Trip Preparations

Patricia loves to go on road trips, but she confesses to Quincy that she has never checked her car before leaving on one! Luckily for her, Quincy knows how to check all the basics before she gets on the road and he’s going to show her exactly what to do.

car care

What to Check

Q says that the first thing Patricia should check, is her tires. Using a tire pressure gauge, ensure that your tires are filled up to the correct pressure! If you don’t know what that pressure is, usually you can find it on a sticker on the inside of your driver’s side door.

car care

Under the Hood

Next, it’s time to check under the hood! Check the battery under the hood first. Next, look at your coolant. It’s important to never check your coolant right after you’ve gotten done driving. It can be extremely hot!


Also under the hood is your windshield washer fluid.

Last but not least, is your oil. Pull out the oil checking stick and use a rag to wipe it clean. Then dip the stick again, and use this dip to measure your oil level.

car care

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