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Quincy Reaps the Benefits of Stretch Lab

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Anyone who has been following along knows, that Quincy has been on a personal health and physical fitness journey this year! One area where he feels like he can improve- is stretching better, and correctly!

stretch lab

Part of the team from Stretch Lab joined Q in studio to talk the importance of stretching, and to give him a quick demonstration, courtesy of OrthoVirginia!


The professionals at Stretch Lab can help you to stretch more than you can by yourself, and they have a tried and true method of doing just that.

stretch lab

Quincy tells Diane from Stretch Lab that he can’t touch his toes! So the two decide together that a hamstring stretch would be good for Q.


Some of the benefits of stretching your hamstring specifically are:

  • Your stride will be a little bit longer
  • It helps your lower back
  • When you’re sitting at a desk all day for work or school, your hamstrings tend to get really tight! Stretching them helps loosen them back up

Quincy also expresses some pain in his neck, so Diane helps him stretch out his neck as well.


For more information about the benefits of stretching with one of the professionals from Stretch Lab, watch the video in full.

stretch lab

This segment was brought to you by OrthoVirginia.

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