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Quincy Attempts Mold Remediation

Sponsored by Jenkins Restorations

It’s that time again! Time for Quincy to attempt to qualify! This time, he is attempting mold remediation with our friends from Jenkins Restorations. 

Jenkins Restorations

Quincy suits up in what looks like one of the Despicable Me Minion costumes, and is ready to go!

The gear is actual Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE for short. After they gear up, it’s time so set containment. 


They use material to create a barrier so that there isn’t any cross contamination during the remediation process. 

mold remediation

Quincy’s first strike is eating on the job. You should never eat while working with mold!

They install a vent with a filter to get all the nasty stuff out of the air, and that’s also Q’s second strike. He didn’t properly attach the plastic to the vent, meaning the nasty stuff would still be in the air!

mold remediation

Quincy and the team then remove the piece of wall in question. Mold remediation is no joke!! 

Watch the full video to see how to finish the job, and to see if Quincy qualified or not! 


HINT: Always call the professionals to take care of mold remediation!

jenkins restorations

For more information, visit https://jenkinsrestorations.com/virginia-beach-va/

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