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Quincy and Gina G Take a Carr Ride

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Quincy picked the perfect day to hop in the car and go for a drive, and he didn’t go alone! He invited his good friend and fellow comedian Gina G along for the ride.


Right away, Quincy points out that the truck has power windows! A stark difference from the manual windows of vehicles past.


The truck is also equipped with an eight disk CD player! Gina didn’t believe that Q even had that many discs to play in the first place. Quincy pulled out a huge book of old CD’s to prove her wrong (remember those?!).


Gina originally hails from Florida, where she won the prestigious award for “Florida’s Funniest Female.”

Currently she is working on “Gina G Presents,” which will be a comedy show that will take place every few months in Norfolk.


Q said he loves the controls on his steering wheel because then he doesn’t have to take his eyes off of the road to change the station or the volume.


To see the rest of Quincy and Gina’s afternoon ride, be sure to watch the full video!

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