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Questions About Colon Cancer? Here’s Help.

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March is colon Cancer Awareness Month.

This often symptom-free cancer is responsible for approximately 50,000 deaths per year, making it a very deadly and often silent killer.

Knowing where to go and whom to turn to -whether it is for routing screening or a diagnosis of colon cancer can be stressful. Luckily, the experts at Riverside are ready to help.

Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists is made of un an excellent array of medical experts ranging from the gastroenterologists who perform colonoscopies and diagnose colon cancer to the oncologists who help treat the cancer from a chemical standpoint including chemotherapy to the surgeons who remove the cancer and any lymph nodes that can be affected.

It is very important to detect colon cancer early on with colonoscopies. While it is generally recommended to begin getting colonoscopies around the age of 50, in recent years it has been discovered that there are some groups that should begin testing earlier at around 45 years old.

Included in these early testing groups are African Americans, and anyone with inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis, crones disease or anyone who has received radiation treatment to the abdomen.

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There are other options for screening which are several less invasive tests such as the fecal DNA test, however, a colonoscopy is the most thorough and most highly recommended.

If caught in the early Stage 1, colon cancer has a 90% cure rate, which again stresses the importance of early detection.

The experts at Riverside are available to guide you every step of the way. With their state of the art technology and highly specialized medical staff you can feel safe placing your health in their hands.

Whether you are going in for a routine colonoscopy or dealing with the diagnosis of colon cancer, trust the specialists at Riverside.

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