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Q Gives Ashley State Inspection Tips!

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It’s a moment we dread: we are driving down the road, and we notice that our state inspection sticker is about to expire! Or even worse, it has already expired. (*Cue intense music*)

state inspection

Nobody likes getting their car inspected. But there are some things that we can do prior to taking our cars in for a state inspection to ensure that they pass the test!

First of all, check all of your lights and blinkers. Don’t forget your backup lights and your brake lights!

car care

Next, look at the tread on your tires. You may need new tires if they are too worn down.

A few other small things that could cause you to fail: your windshield wiper blades and also the placement of your cellphone holder.

car care

In Virginia, you can’t have your phone mounted to your windshield, or you may fail your state inspection!

state inspection

And remember, if you are a AAA Member, you can visit any AAA Car Care Center to receive 50% off of your state inspection price.

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