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Put Your Trust in the Fire Restoration Experts

Sponsored by Jenkins Restorations

It’s not often that you find people who it is incredibly apparent how much they love their work. That is the direct opposite of the feeling you get when you meet the team at Jenkins Restorations.


The Slogan 

Their slogan at Jenkins Restorations is “Restoring Property and Lives with a Servant’s Heart,” but work isn’t just work for them. They care about the families that they are helping work their way through tragedies. 

fire restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is a huge part of what Jenkins does. After a fire, either the homeowner or the insurance company reach out to Jenkins to come out. 


From there, they secure the property by boarding up any doors, windows, or holes that need it- and by tapping the roof if it is necessary.

securing the home

Although this part of the business can be emotional, Jenkins Restorations sends their entire team to sensitivity training. This helps the team members to better deal with these intense situations. 


Ashley got the chance to meet part of the Jenkins Restorations team at a house that had suffered a fire that started in the kitchen. 


Here’s the Good News:

While the house was badly burned- there are several pieces of good news:

  1. Everyone made it out safely
  2. The house is salvageable 
  3. The homeowners have a great company (Jenkins Restorations!) to help them through the entire process. 

fire restoration

Make sure you watch the whole video to see more about the house fire, and to learn more about the phenomenal team at Jenkins Restorations. 


And for more information, make sure you check out Jenkins Restorations website at https://jenkinsrestorations.com/virginia-beach-va/

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