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Prostate Cancer Awareness

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It is a very common misconception that cancer only affects people who are of advanced age, who aren’t in very good health, etc. But the truth is, cancer doesn’t discriminate- it can happen to literally anyone. 


Meet Regan

Regan Prince is a 56 year-old Suffolk resident, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His primary care physician noticed that there was an increase in his PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) levels and referred him out for a biopsy. That biopsy revealed that he had prostate cancer. 


After the diagnosis, Regan consulted with various doctors about his treatment options and decided to go with stereotactic radiosurgery. 

Prostate cancer

Treatment Options

Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer have multiple options when deciding on treatment. One option is surgery, and the other option is one of a few kinds of radiation. 


There are many qualifications a patient must meet to decide which treatment option is best for them. Some of these factors are the size of the prostate and how low (or high) risk the cancer is. 


At Riverside, they have a CT scanner attached to the machine that does the stereotactic treatments. This allows them to see the prostate in 3D while they are doing the radiosurgery. 

Post Surgery

Regan says that there were little to no side effects of the surgery. He liked that it didn’t take too much care from his family after he was done. 

Prostate cancer

He loves that the Riverside family is professional, knowledgable and so good at what they do. 

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