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Professional Bull Riders Take the 757 by Storm

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Put on your chaps and hold on tight! February 25, 2023 Professional Bull Riders and the PBR Hampton Classic takes over the Hampton Coliseum!

PBR Hampton Classic

Over forty competing riders will be taking the main stage in Hampton to battle it out on the back of bucking bulls, including our guest Carlos Garcia.

Professional Bull Rider

Carlos is a Professional Bull Rider who came by his trade honestly. At an early age, he and his cousins would hop on the backs of dairy cattle and go for a ride! Once he learned that bull riding was a sport that they could do to make a living- the rest was history. Now he will be competing in the PBR Hampton Classic!

Professional Bull Rider

Now he has been riding for over two decades, and he wouldn’t change a thing. The Professional Bull Rider learned to ride on full-sized 1,500 pound animals. He then went to college in Oklahoma, where he competed in rodeo at the collegiate level.

PBR Hampton Classic

Carlos then moved to North Carolina right next to Jerome Davis, who is a former world champion! He learned the technical side from his new neighbor, who helped him perfect his craft.

He has three top 15 finishes, and he will be competing at the Hampton Coliseum February 25th!

PBR Hampton Classic

There will be around 40 of the best bulls and professional bull riders in the world taking part in the competition at the PBR Hampton Classic.

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