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Prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke with a Healthy Heart

Sponsored by: Riverside Health System

Our visit to Riverside Health Systems, reminded us just how important it is to check on our heart health.

The heart and vascular services group at Riverside is a well grounded system that offers the latest in techniques in aiding with cardio-vascular disease.

Whether the blood vessels are narrowed or there is an aneurysm, they can help blood flow better.

Depending on the issue, patients can show various symptoms which not only are dangerous to their cardio-vascular system but can also cause other problems such as stroke.

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Visits with vascular patients are divided into 2 segments. In the first segment they discuss prevention and understanding of the disease.
The second part of the visit discusses treatment. Cardiovascular disease is often a silent killer, so the best treatment is prevention.



Easy steps to prevent cardiovascular disease include regular exercise, diets low in salt and fat, avoiding smoking, and taking prescribed medications.

While it is very important to understand the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and how to prevent it, it is comforting knowing that help is available.

If you think you may be at risk for cardiovascular disease, make sure to call Riverside Health & Vascular Services.

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