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Planting Shade

Sponsored by Virginia 811

It’s not a big secret that trees are integral to our lives and the ecosystem on our planet. Initiatives all over the world are battling deforestation, which is a good thing- because it is not a small job.

planting shade

Planting Shade

Evan Nied is the CEO and founder of Planting Shade. He started the charity at only 15 years old, hoping to make the world a better and more healthy place to live in! 

Since he was young, he always considered himself somewhat of an environmentalist- and wondered how our actions affect our planet! 

planting shade

His Why

Hurricane Florence forced his family to evacuate their home for a week, and Evan decided he wanted to do something to positively effect the ecology in his community. 


He went to a leadership academy at Kempsville High School and learned all about running his nonprofit. 

His initial goal at 15 years old was to plant 1,000 trees by the time he graduated from high school. Not only did he accomplish that goal, he blew past it. 


Currently he has planted over 12,000 trees internationally. They also have 11 “branch” organizations throughout the United States, and one abroad. 

If anyone wants to get involved, they can reach out to Evan and Planting Shade via their instagram at www.instagram.com/planting.shade, or check out their website at www.plantingshade.org.

Virginia 811 (VA811) is the not-for-profit organization created by Virginia’s utilities to protect their underground facilities. Make sure you call Virginia 811 before you do any digging or excavation in your yard!

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