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Pilots to the Rescue are Purrrfection

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Michael Schneider founded a charity called “Pilots to the Rescue.” Their mission is to save companion animals at risk of euthanasia from overcrowded shelters, and also to inspire others.

Michael says that what they do helps to create awareness. You don’t see animals being transported by plane on a very frequent basis!


He is one of a group of volunteer pilots, who have saved countless animal’s lives from euthanasia. Overcrowding is a problem in shelters across the country.

Pilots to the Rescue

Friend of the show Cheryl Nelson met up with one of those volunteer pilots, Bobby Aaronson, to go on a cat rescue mission.


Bobby says that his reason for volunteering is simple: the harmonious relationship we have with the animals!

Cheryl and Bobby set off to shelters in both North Carolina and South Carolina, to collect 30 cats and kittens to give them a second chance at life.


Thank you to Cheryl and to Pilots to the Rescue for all that you do, to keep our furry friends safe and happy!

Pilots to the Rescue

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We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.


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