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Find out Why Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Ranked One of the Best

Host Monica Nelson is at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and has a lot of information to dispense in this episode of AZ Living. Viewers find out about an important expansion project at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and get answers to some questions they didn’t know they should ask:

  • Where can I go to burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour?
  • Is it OK to put hardwood floors in my bathroom or laundry room?
  • Where can I find low-cost veterinary care for my pet?
  • How much money should I keep in my savings account?
  • Is the Hassayampa River Preserve a classroom?

For the past six years Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country. For many children and their families hope lives at PCH.

Dr. Stacy Nicholson is Physician in Chief at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. PCH is, by bed count, the sixth largest children’s hospital in the United States right now, making the cancer center at PCH very large. The size of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders means the center has sub-specialists for; leukemia, bone marrow transplant, solid tumor, etc. Each specialist has a deeper knowledge of that particular tumor, more than a general oncologist would. That expertise, coupled with the patient-centered, family-centered care provided at PCH makes it a very special place for kids with cancer.


The new clinic being built will be a facility to advance the kind of care being provided and what patients deserve. Dr. Nicholson anticipates facility will be open in two years with a new infusion center, exam rooms and procedure rooms. The new facility should improve patient flow, facilitate treatment comfort and provide a pleasant atmosphere. While PCH currently provides excellent care, they need the new facility to raise the bar for cancer care for kids.

Dr. Nicholson urges everyone to partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and support the Hope Lives Here Campaign by making a donation to help cure cancer in kids here in Arizona.

A father, Raymundo Ruvalcaba introduces viewers to his hero; his son. Two and a half years ago the family noticed Joseph was not playing or acting like himself. After a visit to the pediatrician and the eye doctor, Joseph was referred to PCH. Joseph was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The brave father says the news was devastating for his family. Joseph underwent chemotherapy once a month and now takes it once a week. The treatments are working and Raymundo is glad his son is still with the family. He is thankful to God and the doctors at PCH. His hope is for his son to grow up and have a strong life. His wish is to see Joseph have his own family one day.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is a special lifesaving place. PCH needs everyone to help with the expansion project.

To make a donation visit HopeLivesHerePCH.org

Smart Gym has hope for those wanting to burn some serious calories and have one gym membership to replace two.

Smart Gym is a new gym concept combining traditional gym machines with high-energy, high-calorie burning group classes. Ryan Hayes, co-founder and owner of Smart Gym describes it as a new gym concept that grew out of consumer need. People had one gym membership for cardio, free weights and resistance training and another for high-end group training. They were paying for two gym memberships. Smart Gym combines a high-end boutique gym with a premium group training program all for a fraction of the price of paying for two gym memberships.

Hayes says when clients come to Smart Gym they will find the top of the line equipment they need to do their resistance training, cardio, hydro massage and tanning. They will also find a premium group training component combining max effort, heart rate and calories burned. The goal is to provide clients with the most results in the shortest amount of time, so they can get in and out.

Andy Ortmeier, president of XGT Fitness offers the best chance to get in shape. The clients range from those just starting to workout, to some who have worked out for 30 years. The workouts are scaled to do what each individual needs to get the most out of the class. Classes change every day, a perfect blend of strength training and cardio, so it doesn’t get boring.

While gym members may first notice a change in their bodies, they will soon notice they have built a sense of community with other gym members. They look forward to coming in, working out, taking a class and meeting up with friends.

Hayes and Ortmeier invite viewers to take a tour of the gym and try out a seven day pass. The pass allows visitors to experience the gym, the equipment, take classes, and try hydro massage and all the gym has to offer. Hays says people will be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to have a membership.

Smart Gym currently has two locations with a third coming in January.

  • 13802 N. Scottsdale Road –on Scottsdale Road and Thunderbird
  • 9736 W. Northern Ave – off the 101 and Northern
  • Coming soon to Chandler – off Chandler Heights Blvd and Arizona Ave

For more information visit TheSmartGyms.com

From resistance training to water the resistant floors found at AAA Hardwood Floors.

Ken Tran, the founder and CEO of AAA Hardwood Floors talks about a new wood flooring product that is waterproof. He begins his demonstration by showing a piece of wood flooring he has been soaking in water for two hours. When he removes the plank it has stayed intact and is not damaged by the water. He pours water from the container directly to the flooring on the floor and shows it is waterproof. When the flooring has contact with water it will not warp, damage, or deform in any way. Tran notes surface water can be quickly picked up with a rag. He says because the flooring is waterproof it can be installed in bathrooms, laundry room, kitchens and the entire house without worry.

For information on this product or any of your flooring needs visit AAAHardwood.com or call 602-801-2233 or 888-970-9889

Operating since 1971, The Arizona Animal Welfare League, AAWL, is Arizona’s oldest and largest no kill shelter. The shelter takes in stray animals from the public or owner surrendered pets. They work with other shelters to place animals in loving forever homes. AAWL also works to provide medical care, enrichment and social activities for the animals, preparing them to be the best animal they can be before going to their new home. The shelter has two locations for people to meet and visit with the animals. When potential pet owners can spend time with the animals, they can fall in love with the animal and give it a forever home.

Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Darling, explains two functions of AAWL. They make sure all of the animals that come in are spayed/neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and made ready to go to a new home. At the low cost clinic a wide variety of medical/dental services are provided to the animals at a lowered cost for families.

Arizona Animal Welfare League is all about serving animals in Arizona and their families.

Bilingual staff and volunteers are available.

For information contact aawl.org

Financial expert and planner Teresa Bear is often asked how much money should be kept in savings. While there could be several explanations/recommendations Bear recommends keeping three to six months of income in liquid savings. Liquid savings can be accessed quickly in case of emergencies.

Bear acknowledges saving can be a challenge, but she suggests it is good to start the savings habit at a young age. One way to start is to live beneath your means. She suggests the next time you get a raise to put 1% in a savings account and 1% in the company 401K. Eventually you live off 90% of take home pay with 10% going to permanent savings. Once the goal of 3-6 months savings is reached, it is time to start working on permanent retirement savings.

For more information visit TeresaBear.com or call 480-503-0050

RJ Mueller, Manager of Community Relations, Cox Communications is at the Hassayampa River Preserve with a group of Cox Volunteers. They have gathered with the common goal of helping middle school students learn more about STEM; science, technology, engineering and math. The volunteers will be mentoring the junior scientists for the day.

Susan Krznarich from the Nature Conservancy explains the school field day. The day is divided in two parts; first the scientific investigation. The students get to choose a field of investigation; from exploring soil, aquatics biology, water chemistry, terrestrial biology or botany. Throughout the morning they gather data to answer some of the questions they will be presenting at a symposium at the end of the school year.

Krznarich acknowledges the importance of the volunteers in the day’s activities. Their role of mentoring the students and sharing their expertise and love of science and nature is important to the success of field day.

Monica is grateful for Phoenix Children’s Hospital and recognizes how fortunate those living in Arizona and the Valley are to have the lifesaving facility. She encourages everyone to support the Hope Lives Here Campaign by making a contribution.

To make a donation visit HopeLivesHerePCH.org