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Personal Injury FAQ’s with Huffman & Huffman

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Patricia wants to know what Quincy would do if he is involved in an accident. He lets her know that if he isn’t injured, he would drive away- quietly! 

personal injury

Personal Injury FAQ’s

As it turns out, that just like Quincy- a lot of people have no idea what to do if they are involved in a car accident! So we enlisted the help of our friend David Ratz, an attorney with Huffman & Huffman to help answer a bunch of the most frequently asked questions, or FAQ’s. 


Patricia and Quincy decided to pull questions out of a bucket, so we make sure the questions are being asked at random!

The Questions

The first FQA asks: “Can I hire an attorney if I have already started a claim through my insurance company?” 


David says you can, but that you need to be very careful if you choose to go about things in this order. That is because you can do a lot of damage to your own claim, so much so that some attorneys will refuse to take your case. 

What if I’m riding in an Uber?

The next question is: “If I got into an accident while I was riding in an Uber driver, I am now injured and the driver was at fault- do I have a claim?” 

personal injury

The answer is YES! You can file a claim against Uber and/or the Uber driver.

Patricia asks the FAQ next, “can I still file a claim even if the other driver left the scene of the accident?”

The short answer is yes- if you have insurance, you can file a claim through your own insurance provider. If you don’t have insurance and you do not have the other driver’s information, sadly you are out of luck. 

Huffman & Huffman

What about cases against passengers in your car?

Quincy wants to know next whether or not he would have a claim against Ashley if she spilled coffee in his car. Unfortunately for Quincy, he could only go after Ashley for the amount of his cleaning bill! 

Patricia asks what would happen if she is driving along in her high heels. Then this subsequently causes her to crash into the car in front of her- would she still be responsible?

YES! If the shoe fits (and you’re wearing it), the accident is still your fault. 

Make sure you call Huffman & Huffman for all of your personal injury needs! 

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