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Patricia Goes Motorcycle Shopping at Cycle World!

Sponsored by Law Tigers

It is no secret that Patricia has many talents and enjoys lots of different activities. But one of her favorite past times will always be shopping!

motorcycle shopping

Patricia has her motorcycle license thanks to The Law Tigers. So she heads to Cycle World in Virginia Beach to shop for a new motorcycle and some cute gear!

law tigers

Patricia meets up with Jim Carbonneau, the Virginia Marketing Manager for the Law Tigers. He agrees to help her find the perfect bike! 

Jim tells her the perfect saying for motorcycle riding: “four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”. 

motorcycle shopping

Patricia sets her sights on a Kawasaki, but Jim tells her that it’s not the best bike to start out on! 

They look through a lot of bikes together, and Patricia finds one that she likes and thinks is comfortable! Jim explains that it’s called a “cruiser,” and that it’s built for leisurely drives or to be taken out on the highway. 

motorcycle shopping

Since Patricia found the bike she likes, they move on to find her some cute (but safe!) gear. She picks out a jacket, a helmet, and last but not least- gloves. 


Watch the full video to see the bike she picked out for Quincy while she was motorcycle shopping!

If you are a motorcycle rider and you are involved in an accident- call 1-800-LAWTIGERS or visit their website at www.lawtigers.com.

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