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Patricia Learns All About the Y in Motion!

Sponsored by the YMCA

Patricia took a trip to the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas to learn all about one of their new programs, Y in Motion!


The Y in Motion is sometimes referred to as the YMCA without walls. The YMCA takes all of its’ resources and services, and brings them to the communities that they serve.


This is wonderful for anyone who has issues making it to the Y itself, but could still benefit from their programs!

The Y in Motion program can bring almost anything that happens within their walls, right to the community. This includes senior fitness, youth sports programs, movement is medicine and MORE!


Patricia got to hit the road with Y in Motion to a “skills and drills day,” where kids were practicing soccer!


To see if Patricia attempted to play soccer in heels, watch the video all the way through!


For more information on the YMCA and their Y in Motion program, visit their website at https://www.ymcavp.org/

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