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Out with the Old Shower, In with the New!

Sponsored by West Shore Home

We’ve all seen it. An older home with the original bathroom still intact. Most of these restrooms are equipped with “interestingly colored” showers. The olive greens, mustard yellows, bubble gum pinks. They’re an eyesore to say the least! Lucky for all of us, our friends at West Shore Home are ready to save the day and upgrade that old shower to something new and beautiful.


Brian from West Shore Home came in to tell us all about the process to switch to a new and improved shower. First a design consultant comes to your home and looks at your space. Then he or she takes into account all of your needs and wants, and builds a mock up of your shower from the ground up!


Some of the trends that Brian is seeing frequently are black and white showers, matte black fixtures, and laser etching. Laser etching gives you the look of tile, without all the maintenance headaches of actual tile and grout.


Convenience is the name of the game with West Shore Home when it comes to shower upgrades! In fact, most of their jobs take ONE DAY to be completed! This makes the process super easy on the homeowner, since they aren’t out of a shower for very long.


For all of the information plus to hear about the special they have going on, be sure to watch the whole interview!

For more information, give them a call at 757-720-7854.

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