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Opt for an Upgrade with West Shore Home!

Sponsored by West Shore Home

After a long day at work, there are few things better than soaking in a nice hot bath tub! But what if something is wrong with your tub, and it’s keeping you from enjoying some self-care time? 


Luckily Brian Keeler from West Shore Home joins the Living 757 gang in studio to explain how they can helpwith an upgrade! 

west shore home

Brian explains that West Shore Home works with the intent of being both quick, and budget friendly. This way, they can help fix any issue that you may be having with your bath tub- without breaking the bank. 

west shore home

Some of their most popular products for upgrades right now are the laser-etched tiles. Basically they take the material that they use, and laser-etch patterns into it. This way you can do subway tiles, larger cinder block patterns, pretty much any kind of pattern you want! 

laser etched tile

People call West Shore Home to come re-do their bath tubs for many reasons, but some of the most frequent reasons are:

  • Mold & mildew
  • Old tile
  • Hard to clean areas
  • Mobility

For more information on how West Shore Home can help upgrade your space, make sure you watch the full video! 


For more information on West Shore Home and the products and services they offer visit https://www.westshorehome.com/

To contact West Shore by phone: 757-349-1942




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