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Mark Wertz has the Need for Speed!

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Meet Mark Wertz

Mark Wertz started racing at Langley Speedway back in 1987. That makes 35 years racing at Langley!

The team has won two NASCAR Regional Championships and five track championships. 


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These days you can find him racing on all of the local tracks, as well as tracks in both North Carolina and the Western part of Virginia as well! 

langley speedway

A Team Effort

Mark explains that although NASCAR might look like a one man (or woman!) sport, it’s really a team effort to make sure each race runs smoothly. There are people at the shop who work on the cars, people who transport the cars from place to place, the staff at the track, the pit crew and more! 

pit crew

On race day, Mark is part of a team of six people who make sure the car is ready to go for the big event! During the race, each team member has their specific job or part of the car to work on. They all have the same goal of making the car go faster!

race day

Enjoy Race Day at Langley Speedway

When families make their way to Langley Speedway for race day, the kids have a blast! It’s high energy, lots of fun, and good clean fun! But Mark has this warning for parents: be careful how often you bring your kids, because they will probably end up wanting to race themselves! 

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