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Make Your Home Smart with Norfolk Air

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Ashley loves having her home “somewhat automated.” She can ask Alexa to turn the lights and the television off and on, and she and her husband can even change the temperature on their thermostats from their phones!


Tyler and Chuck from Norfolk Air, Heating, Plumbing, Cooling and Electric stopped by Living 757. They are experts at the comfort of a connected home!


For anyone wondering- “what does Norfolk Air have to do with smart homes?”- don’t worry, we were wondering too.

The answer is pretty simple. The smart thermostats are installed and serviced by Norfolk Air! These thermostats can act as the hub for a plethora of smart home upgrades to add to your house.


There are a lot of benefits to having a smart thermostat, but the most notable one is that you can save energy (aka money!) by setting your thermostat to conserve when nobody is home.


Norfolk Air uses mostly three main brands when they are recommending which thermostats are the best, because of their reliability.

If you are looking to install a smart thermostat, it’s pretty easy. Give Norfolk Air a call, and they will send out a technician who can give you all the details from price, to installation and the whole nine yards.


After a short demonstration about one of the apps connected to a smart thermostat, they briefly touch on plumbing protection and why it’s so important.

For full details, be sure to watch the video in its’ entirety!

For more information on Norfolk Air, visit their website: https://www.norfolkair-hvac.com/

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