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Machicomoco State Park Celebrates Virginia Indians

Sponsored By: Virginia State Parks

Quincy goes exploring and visits Machicomoco State Park. One of Virginia’s many state parks, Machicomoco was designed to be focused on the tribes of Virginia and their history, and as such, the tribes were engaged during the design process.  

Many of the elements of the parks came from the conversations with the tribes and the meetings that were held, hence the name Machicomoco, which means special meeting place.






One of the things that makes this park special, is that Machicomoco is especially focused on interpretive programs.  As you venture through the park, you will be able to learn some  Algonquian words as they are inscribed, along with the English translations, on various elements along the trail.





New call-to-action   Of course, this is a great place to enjoy the outdoors!  Paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing are just some of the many activities that you can enjoy at the park along with beautiful hiking trails.  If fishing is you thing, you can enjoy that too -and maybe you will have better luck than Quincy!

Do you enjoy camping?  At Machicomoco you have your choice of modern or primitive campsites, or you can even enjoy a stay in one of their yurts.

There is much to explore and learn and enjoy at Machicomoco State Park.  Make sure to put it on your bucket list of outdoor fun!

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